ICfS response to ‘Neither Confirm Nor Deny’ article

On 27th January 2024, the ICfS came to know that an opinion piece was written by a researcher named Ollie Ryan Tucker. Tucker accuses the ICfS of being a “pro-Modi”,  “well-funded” think tank. 

The International Centre for Sustainability is an independent research organisation funded by individual donors and well-wishers, with the primary aim of fostering a deeper alliance between the UK and India in order to promote sustainability. The centre is not politically aligned with any individual nor any political ideology.

We do sustainable.

The centre stands for strengthening democracy, liberal institutions, the rule of law, delivering better governance, protection for all sentient beings, and our ecosystem, all underpinned by a robust ability to defend our interests. 

Tucker also makes allegations against several of our fellows, which we consider to be baseless, slanderous and in bad taste. We stand behind all our staff who do a brilliant job in researching and understanding some of the most difficult challenges facing our planet.

The centre writes on a wide variety of issues from trade deals to environmental justice, and on countering extremism to de-radicalisation.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch with us at hello@icfs.org.uk

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