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In a multipolar world alliances matter.
Our aim is to help foster a deeper alliance between
the United Kingdom, the West and India.
We want to support a relationship built on trust,
understanding and cooperation. From defence to
agro-ecology, there is much both countries can share
and meaningfully contribute to an international rulebased order.

& Culture

We do sustainable.
To build a sustainable society government matters,
but so does culture. We brief and advise political,
educational and business leaders on how to build
models that are sustainable for People, Planet and


People first.
We are passionate about monitoring, pioneering and
supporting modern democratic liberal institutions in
the light of a rapidly changing world. With the
development of AI, and an ever expansion of the
internet of things, we want to ensure that our
democracy, and people’s voices continue to matter.

of Faith

Belief matters.
Religion and the ideosphere shapes the behaviour
and actions of humanity. To build a sustainable world
we will need to engage with, and better understand
religion across the world. We highlight and promote
ideas that are progressive, liberal and accepting of


Diversity is a strength.
We study minority communities. We advise on how
to build better community relations. We work with
stakeholders at every level to ensure we build a
society that is open and plural.


Sustainable profits.
We want to think about and tackle some of the
hardest challenges: how do we build a circular
economy, where people, planet and profit are truly

Security & Mutual Dependence

Peace through strength.
We firmly believe that investment and an everpreparedness for conflict is the best recipe to ensure
a lasting peace. Given the rise of unstable states,
autocrats, and populists leaders, it is critical for
political and business leaders to have a thorough
understanding of security threats.

AI, Technology & Regulation

World as one.
With global tech giants, and the expansion of the
digital, we advise leaders on how best to leverage
the new technologies, while regulating for it at a
transnational level to protect the well-being of
Technology and its understanding runs right across
all our verticals.


Healthcare that is accessible and sustainable.
The access to good healthcare for people should be a
universal right. We work with governments, and
business leaders to better understand and develop
new healthcare models. We effectively leverage
technology and big data to advise on how to deliver
the sustainable healthcare affordably.

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