The International Centre for Sustainability Launches This Month

The International Centre for Sustainability launches this month, a new global hub dedicated to fostering a deeper alliance between the UK, the West and India.

Spread over two floors in the heart of the City, the Centre is an independent research and advisory organisation rooted in nine key pillars.

The first of its kind, the ICfS will become a single point of access for policy makers, academics, journalists, politicians, writers, influencers and the public at large to better understand India and her diaspora.

The ICfS will officially launch on Wednesday 10th April, followed by two weeks of exclusive panel discussion and roundtable events, with themes including emerging technology and its effect on democracy, disinformation and the digital threats shaping our world and whether animals should be given personhood.

To see our full event calendar and register for a free ticket, please click here.

To find out more about the events, email Nicole Chidgey on

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