Trudeau, India and Sikh separatism

Rishi Sunak stated at the G20 in India that he was committed to tackling Khalistani extremism. It would be wise for Sunak to work with the Indian diplomatic services at this sensitive time to ensure their safety and their confidence that the Government will deliver on this promise. Sunak faces a delicate balancing act, needing to stand against any potential encroachment on Canadian sovereignty by India, while also addressing the UK’s own recent questions regarding the harbouring of Khalistani extremists. For the sake of Sikhs and Hindus in the UK, for peace and security in India, and for the strength of the India-UK relationship, Sunak must step up and turn Trudeau’s diplomatic blunders into the catalyst for the end of Khalistanism in the West.

Canada has a problem. The UK has the same problem. This is a diaspora problem, and Rishi Sunak has an opportunity to take appropriate action. To read the full article by our Head of UK-India Relations, click here.


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